Michelle Krüger

Michelle works in both acrylic and oil on canvas. Kruger art can be found hanging in galleries and homes internationally.

Formerly artist in residence and creative director at the GT gallery in downtown Calgary, Michelle has established her credentials not only on gallery walls and luxury homes but also for other artists. Her work has been featured in-motion in the music video ‘forgiveness’ and on
tour with acclaimed Canadian band Billy Talent.

An important facet of her expansive work is diversity. The artist naturally moves within the masculine and feminine; the grandiose and humble. She identifies with material: the fluidity, textures and mechanics; giving her work balance and tactility.

Like any journey graced by highs and lows, Michelle has found therapeutic method to adapting emotion into power and beauty. She finds difficult times magnify honesty. While paradox fabricates the fibre of our humanity, Michelle pulls no punches in making it an important part of her work.